Berikut ini adalah tips belajar mengelola waktu anda saat ujian online yang bisa Anda terapkan.

1. Follow directions.

If the directions are given orally, listen to them. If they’re written on the
exam booklet, read them carefully. Ask questions before the exam begins if there’s anything you don’t understand. In your exam booklet, write down the beginning and ending time of the exam.

2. Pace yourself.

Glance at your watch every ten or fifteen minutes, and compare the time to how far you’ve gotten in the exam. When one-quarter of the time has elapsed, you should be one-quarter through the exam, and so on. If you’re falling behind, pick up the pace a bit.

3. Keep moving.

Don’t dither around on one question. If you don’t know the answer, skip the question and move on. Circle the number of the question in your test booklet in case you have time to come back to it later.

4. Keep track of your place on the answer sheet.

If you skip a question, make sure you skip on the answer sheet, too. Check yourself every five to ten questions to make sure the question number and the answer sheet number are still the same.

5. Don’t rush.

Though you should keep moving, rushing won’t help. Try to keep calm and work methodically and quickly.

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